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Namaste, and welcome. 

     We look forward to being with you in our spacious and peaceful sanctuary offering you a place to breathe deep, release stress, connect with yourself, stretch your body and quiet your mind.  We offer classes and events for beginners and seasoned practitioners.

     If you’re a brand new student to Yoga Anand Ashram, click here for more information about your first visit.  Check out our class schedule here.

With the coming of winter the mind naturally turns inward.  The colors of the other seasons are obscured and one tends to look inward to the unconditioned happiness. 
Most of us have been conditioned to seek happiness outside of ourselves.  Even though time and time again we’re shown, often very clearly, that the happiness we desire is not to be found outside in the changing aspects of life, but rather in the inner unchanging Stillness.  That inner voice calls to us. 
All of our yoga and meditation practice helps us to be still so that we can hear the call to go Within.