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End of the Year Meditation for

Gratitude, Peace, and Flourishing

Sunday, December 22nd, 6:30 PM

As the Winter Solstice approaches and 2019 comes to an end, what better way to celebrate our dance of life, then to come together to meditate, and envision our lives for the coming year.  Sitting in meditation, and opening to the silent stillness of our Being – that which can be experienced but not known (Purusa), we will then move into the space of all potentiality (Prakriti).  Through our sincere intentions, both individually and collectively, we will create a path of peace and gratitude, and envision a future where all beings flourish.  From a single celled organism to the great whales; from a drop of water to the highest mountains; to every human being on this beautiful earth.  

The program will consist of songs of gratitude and peace, meditation, envisioning, and then lighting a candle to plant the seeds of our intentions into present and the future.  

Come be with us. Open to all. 


Monthly Free Class
Flow Yoga and Movement with Vanessa
December 16th, 6:00 PM

Featured Teacher 
Hi, I’m Vanessa and I love to help people go deeper within through feel and presence which is where each person’s inner guidance, unique spark, and power is.  Yoga, dance and movement have been with me my whole life. I can honestly say I love how breathing, feeling, and moving can bring me into a deeply present and aligned state which is the foundation of how and why I teach.  My background is in healing, bodywork, emotional release, physical alignment principles, movement techniques, the mind-body connection, energy, and spiritual teachings.  I have taught workshops in yoga posture alignment, self Myofascial Release for pain and tightness, women’s movement workshops, and also Empath and Lightworker workshops to help them understand themselves clearly and have the tools to navigate this world with freedom and empowerment.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Transformational Intuitive Mentor,  Marconics Energy Practitioner, Dancer and Yoga Instructor.