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North Indian Classical Music Concert with Kinnar Seen + Dee Harris

 Starring Kinnar Seen

Opening: Dee Harris + Nitim Mohan




Kinnar Seen (above) M.A., is the eldest son of the renowned Acharya Lachman Singh Seen of the Punjab Gharana, from whom he learned Tabla and Sitar from childhood. He earned a Master’s degree in Sitar as well as a Sangeet Visharad in Tabla and vocal music. He has accompanied many prominent artists and received numerous awards internationally. He teaches at the Sangeet Vilas Kinnar School of Music in Long Island and Queens, NY, lectures widely and performs throughout Europe and North America.

 dee harris
Dee Harris (above)
A guitarist and multi-stringed instrumentalist of western music, Dee Harris studied the North Indian classical music with sitarists Daisy Paradis and Kinnar Seen . His music is profoundly influenced by the Sarod virtuoso, the late Pundit Vasant Rai. Unfortunately, Dee never met Vasastji due to his untimely demise in 1985. He has learned immensely from the abundant live-concert recordings of Vasantji that has surfaced recently, and from his lesson tapes that Vasant Rai had left to his students that are now in Dee’s possession. As a guitarist, Dee Harris is largely self-taught. He has developed many new techniques on his instrument as well as a redesigned guitar in order to achieve the subtleties of the Indian classical music. His guitar has twenty strings: four of them for playing melody (SPSM), three chikari (SSP), four support (SGRN), and nine sympathetic strings tuned to the notes of the Raga being played. He plays this eclectic instrument with a slide as well as with the fingers of his left hand on the frets. His performances are exciting and authentic.
Nitim Mohan:
Born to a young Indo-Caribbean Family. His Father was a versatile Harmonium and keyboard player in a local Band while his Mother was a Student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. At a young age, Nitim’s parents enrolled him in the public school music department as a clarinet/saxophone artist. Under the tutelage of Saxophonists Steven Muller and Yvonne Starks and Composer Berley Persia, he developed a skill for composition, improvisation and mostly, admiration for western classical and pop cultures. At the age of 8, Nitim began training in Tabla, which later led to a journey into the world of East Indian Classical Music with Sri Kinnar Kumar Seen and Smt. Parminder Seen. While still immersed in Western music, Nitim attempted to Understand the associations of these two genres of music by thinking “out of the Box.” This led to the birth of Boiler Room Music. This gave Nitim a chance to work with up and coming artists like himself in an effort to grow and expose themselves.