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Chair Yoga with Mary

Join us for an introduction to basic yoga poses and breathing techniques using a chair as a prop.  Using a chair can help you to find more strength, stability and ease in your practice.  This class will begin in the chair with centering and gentle stretching.  Next we will practice standing poses using the chair for balance and support and then transition to the mat for some strengthening poses and savasana (deep relaxation).  This class is suitable for beginners and anyone who would like to deepen their yoga experience in a supportive and engaging way.  

Yoga Flow with Vanessa

The main purpose of this class is to go deeper within through “feel.” What a world to explore, the inner spaces our bodies and ourselves. Our breath is the glue that brings everything together to a one-pointed focus of feeling as we experience our bodies through asanas (yoga postures).

This class uses flow, still points, and movement to stretch, strengthen, balance and release through your body. The emphasis is on the exploration and enjoyment of your own individual yoga practice as you feel into your own boundaries while also challenging yourself. 

As we focus on our own experience, we naturally find a deeper quiet and centeredness. We end with meditation.


Let it Go with Michelle

This class will give you a chance to stretch, relax, and let go.  You will meditate and move slowly through the poses while focusing on the breath.  A great way to let go of the stress of a busy day.  This class is appropriate for all levels, beginners welcome.  

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga with Kathe

This class starts with classic Hatha yoga postures, and moves into a Vinyasa flow.  This momentum builds heat and flexibility, and allows the cares and concerns of the day to drop away.   Meditation moments are interspersed throughout the class, with a longer period of meditation at the end.  Movement and Stillness, Presence and Breath are focused on througout the class.  Beginners and experienced are welcome.  

Foundations of Hatha Yoga with Mary

We will explore mindful movement and breathing techniques to bring strength and peace to body, mind and spirit. This class is suitable for all levels.  Beginners are welcome!

Yoga Rise with alternating teachers

As our lives are in a constant state of change, so is our 8:00 am Saturday morning Yoga Rise class, giving us the opportunity to let go of any expectations and free the mind at the start of the day.  Class begins with gentle yet deep, gradual stretching preparing the physical body for traditional yoga asanas (postures) and ends with a series of restorative asanas to release any additional holding in the body and mind.  Class concludes with a resting period of meditation and is followed by reaffirmation of the importance of our daily practice in our personal circumstance.  All Welcome.

Yoga & Meditation with Roy

As part of our Saturday morning yoga class, I often will read from the great inspirational texts of yoga and meditation.  In this ongoing class, we study the fundamental steps of yoga practice. Here we learn stretching, yoga postures (asana), breath control (pranayama), daily “off the mat” practices (yama & niyama), and simple meditation techniques (dharana & dhyana). This class is open to beginning students as well as more seasoned practitioners.