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Monthly Free Class
Mindful Movement with Mary
Thursday, March 26th, 6:45 PM

This Month in Class: 

Cultivating Interoceptive Awareness
Interoception is our ability to sense what is happening inside our body.  Studies show that people with good interoceptive skills have a strong sense of self and are more adept at managing stress.  Practicing yoga helps strengthen interoception by allowing us to slow down, turn our attention inward and connect to our inner self. 
By listening to the messages our body sends we become aware of the amazing impact of the mind-body connection.


Featured Teacher – Mary

Mary is a registered yoga teacher certified at the 200-hour level.  She is also certified in chair yoga and kids yoga.  Mary came to yoga during a time of deep emotional stress and soon discovered the incredible healing that yoga provides and it’s ability to help us deal with life’s challenges.  Her desire to share these benefits with others led her to become a yoga teacher. A strong belief that everyone should be able to experience the healing powers of yoga inspired her to pursue training in chair yoga.  Mary is trained in mindfulness and has taken several courses on the neuroscience of yoga.  She strongly believes in harnessing the power of the breath to heal the body and the spirit.

Her classes strive to be accessible to all and to introduce her students to the amazing possibilities that come from living in the moment.



Move Together

Thursdays at 5:15-6:15 pm

 March 5,12,19,26, April 2,16,23,30

May 7,21,28

Drop-in Parent with 1 kid: $30

Drop-in Parent with 2 kids: $38

Packages can be purchased in 4-week blocks:

Parent with 1 kid: $100 for 4 classes

Parent with 2 kids: $135 for 4 classes

A Parent-Child class you both will enjoy!

We will move, stretch, breathe, connect through touch and find quiet presence together. At the heart of it, this class is a vehicle for you to nurture your natural soul-level connection with your kid in a fun way.

Yoga + Movement 

Mindfulness + Awareness Practices

Simple Touch/Massage Techniques for calming, connecting and moving energy.

-Increase relaxation and calming.

-Decrease stress and overwhelm.

-Increase flexibility and openness in your body.

-Reset and re-center.

-Feel supported as who you uniquely are as a parent.

5-10-year-olds with a Parent/Guardian.

In the last 10 minutes of class (while the kids play) I present a topic that can enhance and support your life as a parent. This is all about supporting you as who you uniquely are, parenting from your own instincts/intuition and creating your life as you desire with your kids.

As you bring even one simple mindfulness practice, yoga, touch practice, or our class topic into your week, each week, you will see beautiful changes that support you and your kid in a positive way. 



From the prehistoric cave renderings found at Lascaux, France to the paintings and drawings of a child, our urge to create can be expressed by picking up a brush with paint and letting it move across paper.

We will begin this afternoon workshop with a brief period of meditation. Coming from that inner place we will let the realm of paint be our means of self expression.



The Inner Dimensions of Yoga. 
Bringing the Yoga Sutras to Life.

The goal of yoga is freedom from suffering, and living a life of presence, joy, acceptance and letting go. It is a deep investigation into the mystery of who and what we are, and what is.

Bring your practice to the next level in this 4 session course, which will delve into the Yoga Sutras, the primary text of yoga. The Sutras will provide instruction on how to work with our mind, body and emotions in our moment to moment experience. Such topics as; how we create and prolong suffering, the limitations of the ego, acceptance as practice, and the wisdom of impermanence will be discussed.  The classes will provide a context for these ancient insights to become profoundly relevant to our everyday lives and relationships, going much deeper than a mere intellectual pursuit . 

This course is perfect for beginners, as well as experienced yoga practitioners. All are welcome.

Come walk the path of yoga. Take the journey into the inner dimensions of self, which ultimately lead to a heart -centered life established in truth, compassion, presence and unity.  

Dates and times to be announced