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Yoga Dharma Talk & Discussion

 “Holding the Inner Posture” with Kathe

Just like we hold the outer postures of yoga, we also hold an inner posture as we move through our life off the mat. What are the inner postures we are holding? Yoga offers us the ethical practices of the niyamas and yamas to hold as our inner posture. These are great life practices that transform our relationships with self and others, so that we can be vehicles of compassion and loving kindness.

In this discussion we will do a meditation to discover what attitudes we are presently holding, followed by an overview of the yamas and niyamas and how we can apply them to our life situations. 


We come together for a discussion, seminar, lesson or lecture on a particular topic monthly.  Students are encouraged to join us as this is a great opportunity to explore your practice on a deeper level.  Topics change monthly as does the presenter.  This is a free event and is open to all. This is your ashram, which is a grounded environment that is here to support your spiritual growth encompassing the physical, mental and emotional.  Come discuss with us!

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