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Yoga Dharma Talk & Discussion

Kriya Yoga- The Method of Understanding the Mind. Lead by Kathe

We think our thoughts (conditioned mind) are who we truly are.  However yoga takes us a step further. Effort (tapas), self study or mindfulness (svadhyaya) and surrender (ishvara pranidhanani) are the 3 practice methods called Kriya yoga, which helps us to clearly see  the conditioned mind for what it truly is…a story teller and and a tool, but not our true Self!  Come discuss this interesting topic.!

We will be getting together for a discussion, seminar, lesson or lecture on a particular topic.  Students are encouraged to join us as this will be a great opportunity to explore your practice on a deeper level.  Topics will change monthly as will the presenter.  This is a free event and is open to all. This is your ashram, which is a grounded environment that is here to support your spiritual growth which encompasses the physical, mental and emotional.  Come discuss with us!  

FREE Event