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Festival of Lights, Deva Devi Ratri

On this day we celebrate the dual nature of  Life. We honor Devi- the manifest world, which is all of creation and all livings beings, as well as our individual body,mind and spirit. We also honor Deva- Universal Consciousness, which goes by many names and expressions as Web of Life, God, Purusa, Great Spirit, and Great Mystery to name a few. So we are celebrating the Wholeness of life and who we are as Whole beings, both creative individuals and Universal Consciousness.
Come light a candle with us as we joyfully celebrate this magnificent Dance of Life.The lighting of the candle demonstrates our thankfulness for the Universal Light of Consciousness within us all; for the wisdom keepers, Sages and Teachers who passed down this knowledge of life from generation to generation; and for this journey of life we walk together. With this celebration may we add a small measure of peace to the world.
Come a few minutes early to settle in. This event is free and all are welcome.  Light refreshments and community to follow.
Looking forward to seeing you!