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Next Session Sunday, 8/11!


Alternating Sundays, August 11th & 25th at 7:30 AM  
Robert Moses Field 5
(arrive before 7 AM and parking is free)
Classes will consist of yoga postures, yoga breathing and meditation.  We will end with a variety of meditation techniques utilizing our beautiful surroundings.  Feel free to bring a mat and sheet or blanket to place your mat on and any other items you may need.  You may want to dress in layers, it can be cool in the early mornings at the beach.  Also, feel free to pack whatever you may need to stay on the beach after class!  Food, sunscreen, etc…
Classes will be held at Robert Moses Field 5 (in our usual sunrise meditation spot) all the way to the furthest east entry point from the parking lot- so pull in and drive all the way to the left!