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With Vanessa


Release, stretch, roll, press, and move through your body with yoga, movement, Myofascial Release balls and foam rollers for 2 hours of much-needed self-care and enjoyment.

-Access your body on a deeper level.

-Treat your own pain and tightness.

-Sink into your body, feel and flow.

-Increase flexibility and movement.

-Connect with yourself and your innate wisdom.

All therapy tools will be provided for the class. You will take home your own therapy ball and have the ability to treat your own pain and tightness on your own!  No experience necessary.  Wear clothing you can stretch and move in. Bring water.  Approx 2 hours.


Connect with Your True Self and Love Your Life More Each Day with Michelle & Michele
SUNDAY, MARCH 31ST, 2 – 5 pm, $45

In this 3hr hands-on workshop you will gain awareness of what you want most and release feelings of overwhelm, stuckness, worry and dissatisfaction.


This workshop will introduce you to Transformation Life Coaching.  Many people confuse coaching with giving people advice. In practice, coaching is an empowering process whereby the coach guides and supports you and provides sacred space so you can discover your own creative solutions. From this place of knowing what brings you alive, you define achievable action steps and leave feeling more fulfilled and energized.  

The workshop begins with light movement, focused breathing, and intention setting. Through facilitated discussion, visualization and writing, you will reconnect with your core values and embrace living life deliberately. 

Michelle Sabourin and Michele Weisman are Certified Professional Coaches trained in Transformation Coaching. Michelle Sabourin is a certified yoga teacher. Both are passionate about living their best lives while balancing careers and their families.