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Fridays at 7 PM, $10 per class 

May 17th – Earth & Smell, June 14th – Water & Taste, June 21st –  Fire & Sight, July 12th – Air & Touch, July  19th –  Space & Hearing (Click Dates to Book Now!)

The entire universe is made up of the 5 Elements.  Wherever we go and whatever we see is a mixture of these five. In school we learned that water is H2O, but that tells us nothing of the experience of water; of its purpose, its life force, its power, and its essence.  The same hold true with our senses — without them, we would not experience life!  Why are they called Devas (gods), and what is their individual power and essence?

Each week in this five-week course (not consecutive weeks), we will explore  through meditation and specific practices one element and its corresponding sense.  With each meditation we will be diving deeply into the experience of these tattvas (principles of creation), and pierce through the conventional conditioning we were taught, bringing about a new awareness,  in which we can experience  our bodies and the natural world in a whole new way.  When these practices were taught to me decades ago by Guruma, they made a profound effect on my life, and radically changed my relationship to my body,  the elements and the world around me — moving from a mental state of taking everything for granted to that of awe and appreciation.  All the practices are easy to do and require no experience in meditation.

Enter into your inner silence for a period of yoga asanas, followed by pranayama (yogic breathing), inspirational readings, and meditation. All welcome.  $25

Meets Last Friday of Every Month,

The last Friday of each month will be a yoga philosophy group meeting, in which we will use texts from yoga and other spiritual traditions to help us cultivate understanding and clear up misconceptions.   Whether you are new to practice or a long time practitioner, we hope you will consider coming and contributing to our group discussion.  As Guruma said, “Light each others flame as you pass each other by,” let’s do just that, while creating our Yoga sangha (community).

This class is $15 per class or one class from any class package.