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Monthly Free Class
Yoga & Meditation with Roy
February 29th, 9:30 AM

This Month in Class: 

“Peace of Mind”

Exploration of the myths and truths of meditation practice.  

In our class, each Saturday this month, along with our yoga postures and meditation practice, we will explore some of the myths surrounding meditation practice: Does the mind become peaceful?  Or perhaps it is already at peace?  Just what is this power that we call ‘mind’?
Handouts will be given.  All are welcome. 
The student came to the Bodhiharma, crying, “My mind has no peace!  I beg you, master, please pacify my mind!”
“Bring your mind here and I will pacify it for you,” replied Bodhidharma.
“I have searched for my mind, and I cannot take hold of it,” said the student.  “Now your mind is pacified,” said Bodhidharma.  Zen Story 


Featured Teacher – Roy

Roy has been a Yoga and Meditation teacher since 1972 under the guidance of Gurani Anjali the founder of Yoga Anand Ashram. He studied and practiced Yoga Dharma for many years and has taught Hatha Yoga as well as Meditation classes at the Ashram.  “I feel a deep love and respect for the Yoga Path which guides one towards the profound depths of inner peace and freedom.” Roy is also a Special Education Teacher working with special needs children.  He plays guitar and sings and has used music in his work with children.  Roy leads afternoon meditation retreats often incorporating sacred poetry, philosophy and inspiration from the great sages of the past and present.  He is also an artist and has taught painting classes and mandala creation workshops.



Move Together

Thursdays at 5:15-6:15 pm

Feb. 27, March 5,12,19,26, April 2,16,23,30

May 7,21,28

Drop-in Parent with 1 kid: $30

Drop-in Parent with 2 kids: $38

Packages can be purchased in 4-week blocks:

Parent with 1 kid: $100 for 4 classes

Parent with 2 kids: $135 for 4 classes

A Parent-Child class you both will enjoy!

We will move, stretch, breathe, connect through touch and find quiet presence together. At the heart of it, this class is a vehicle for you to nurture your natural soul-level connection with your kid in a fun way.

Yoga + Movement 

Mindfulness + Awareness Practices

Simple Touch/Massage Techniques for calming, connecting and moving energy.

-Increase relaxation and calming.

-Decrease stress and overwhelm.

-Increase flexibility and openness in your body.

-Reset and re-center.

-Feel supported as who you uniquely are as a parent.

5-10-year-olds with a Parent/Guardian.

In the last 10 minutes of class (while the kids play) I present a topic that can enhance and support your life as a parent. This is all about supporting you as who you uniquely are, parenting from your own instincts/intuition and creating your life as you desire with your kids.

As you bring even one simple mindfulness practice, yoga, touch practice, or our class topic into your week, each week, you will see beautiful changes that support you and your kid in a positive way.