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This Month in Class

October 2019

Special Meditation

Guru Jayanti

Sunday, October 20th, 10:30 AM

Everyone is invited to join us in celebration of the birthday of Gurani Anjali, Founder of Yoga Anand Ashram.  We will devote the class to her songs, poems, and meditations, which are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for everyone on a spiritual path.  All are welcome.  This is a free event.


This Month in Class: 
Conscious Motion
What is the difference between tasting delicious food while distracted and tasting with the total immersion of the senses? 
Night and day.  
Therefore, the intention of my class is conscious motion instead of execution of poses from and external place.  Let’s play with movement together.  Come immerse yourself in deeper awareness as we move, stretch and discover the world of motion in each moment.  It is an amazing discovery!  

This Month in Class: 
Yoga is the Uniting of Consciousness in the Heart
Deep within our hearts, we abide as pure Divine Consciousness. But with the material world pulling at us every which way, our consciousness is drawn outward.  As our knowledge of our Divine Self slowly fades it takes with it the understanding of our true nature.  Consciousness abides in the heart, not in the mind, as many believe.  But when we realize that it is the heart that is the holder of our consciousness, reunion seems more likely.  Notice your hand gestures when you are speaking to someone about who you are.  Gesturing to my heart when I say “I am Michelle” reveals the truth:  “I live right here in my heart.”  We will focus this month on heart opening asanas that will help relax the body and mind and bring our attention to our hearts. 
“I looked in Temples, Churches, and Mosques.  I found the Divine in my heart.”

This Month in Class: 
October 17th is the birthday of Gurani Anjali,
Founder of Yoga Anand Ashram in 1972
This month in class we will explore some of the sayings, poems, and meditations of Guruma, and the deep and profound meaning present in these beautiful words, as well as their application for our lives. 


 This Month in Class: 

Bringing awareness to our posture

New research shows that posture is a key element in maintaining good health.  Your posture influences the alignment of your spine and the overall health of your body.  When your spine is healthy the vital energy flows more freely which leads to more vitality and greater well being.  Join us as we move mindfully through a series of poses that improve posture by strengthening the core and back muscles and opening the heart.


Monthly Free Class Pranayama (breath control), Chanting & Philosophy with John

Last Friday, Each Month

Oct. 25th at 7:30 PM

Join John on the last Friday of every month for a period of pranayama (breath control), followed by a period of chanting.  This combination brings about a sense of calmness and clarity in the present moment.  In each class, John will lead a discussion using sacred texts from yoga and other spiritual traditions to help us cultivate understanding, answer questions, and clear up any misconceptions.  As Guruma said, “Light each others flame as you pass each other by,” let’s do just that, while creating our yoga sangha (community).

This class is $15 per class or one class from any class package.


Pranayam (Breath Control)

Yoga & Meditation with Roy

This Month in Class: 
Pranayam:  Breath Control 
In our class, each Saturday this month, along with our yoga postures and meditation practice, our focus will be on Pranayam (breath control).  Pranayam is the fourth limb in the eight limbed (ashtanga) classical yoga training.  By controlling the pran (the subtle energy within the air we breath) the thinking mind and body are steadied and readied for meditation.  This is accomplished through different breathing techniques which we will explore during our class.  The power of Pranayam can be experienced through its practice.  Handouts will be given.  All are welcome.


Featured Teacher – John

About John

John is a long time student, yoga practitioner and teacher of the ashram, having first attended classes back in 1971.  Through the years he has embraced the 8-Limbed Yoga Path in its entirety and enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with those who would like to explore the depths of their own yoga practice.  John is known for his beautiful, strong singing voice and has always been one of the “voices” of the ashram.  He has been instrumental in singing, practicing, and recording the many songs that Gurani Anjali “Guruma” (founder of YAA) wrote over the years.  If you have ever been to the ashram for one our festivals or for our Sunday morning meditation you have had the experience of singing and chanting with him from the depths of your heart.


Impromptu Yoga with Tara

Join me this month, each week for an impromptu class!  Beginning this weekend, look for an email each weekend announcing the date and time for the upcoming weeks’ class.  As with life and its constant fluctuations, this class will change each week and will allow for you to let a little spontaneity into your week!  These classes will be included in our regular class pricing.  Don’t forget to check your emails!