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This Month in Class

December 2019


Monthly Free Class:

Monday, Dec. 16th at 6 PM

This Month in Class: 
Conscious Motion
What is the difference between tasting delicious food while distracted and tasting with the total immersion of the senses?  Night and day.  Therefore, the intention of my class is conscious motion instead of execution of poses from and external place.  Let’s play with movement together.  Come immerse yourself in deeper awareness as we move, stretch and discover the world of motion in each moment.  It is an amazing discovery!  

This Month in Class: 

Yoga Sutra II.42, Patanjali says “By contentment, supreme joy is gained.”

This month in class, to go along with the season of Thanksgiving, we will engage in cultivating a practice of gratitude or contentment.  In the Yoga Sutra II.42, Patanjali says “By contentment, supreme joy is gained.”  “The happiness we get from acquiring possessions is only temporary. We need to continually find new possessions to sustain this sort of happiness. There is no end to it. But true contentment leads to total happiness and bliss.”

Contentment is learning to embrace what is right in front of you and to stop yearning for what is missing. As the holidays approach, try to carry this principle of santosha (contentment) into your life off of the mat. Allow yourself to experience true happiness, even as you are faced with challenges this holiday season. Remember that “by contentment, supreme joy is gained.”

We will practice asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing) to help us relax and feel comfortable. We’ll focus on our hearts and think of all the things in our life that we could be grateful for. There is so much to be grateful for and this feeling of gratitude brings even deeper feelings of love, compassion, and understanding into your hearts.


This Month in Class: 
The 4 main bandhas or locks in the yogic tradition

This  month in class we will focus on the 4 main bandhas or locks in the yogic tradition. Moola  bandha-perineal contraction, Uddiyana bandha- abdominal contraction, Jalandhara bandha- throat compression and Maha mudra- the combination of all 3. They help to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings about calmness and relaxation- simulate many of the endocrine glands, and strengthen the digestive and urogenital systems. They are a highly beneficial aspect of yoga practice.


 This Month in Class: 

Rest and Restore

This month in class we take time to rest and restore. As the days grow shorter and the air grows colder we retreat into our practice to ground ourselves and to check in.

We will incorporate restorative poses and breathing techniques which allow the body to release stress and help the mind to quiet. This increases our awareness of how and what we’re feeling and gives us the opportunity to better nurture and care for ourselves.


Pranayam (Breath Control)

Yoga & Meditation with Roy

This Month in Class: 
Pranayam:  Breath Control 
In our class, each Saturday this month, along with our yoga postures and meditation practice, our focus will be on Pranayam (breath control).  Pranayam is the fourth limb in the eight limbed (ashtanga) classical yoga training.  By controlling the pran (the subtle energy within the air we breath) the thinking mind and body are steadied and readied for meditation.  This is accomplished through different breathing techniques which we will explore during our class.  The power of Pranayam can be experienced through its practice.  Handouts will be given.  All are welcome.