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This Month in Class

February 2020


This Month in Class: 

Stretch Into Something New in the New Year 

In class, I will add a few new movement patterns to play with that will challenge your mind and body.  The movements will be accessible to everyone who attends, yet will give you the opportunity to stretch your body, mind, and coordination abilities which can be exciting and interesting.  The intention is to have fun discovering and exploring movement and a deeper awareness of our bodies.  Come play, center, and ground yourself and breathe with us!

This Month in Class: 

Live More Presently Every Day

 As we enter a New Year many of us decide to make resolutions.  I’m hoping that you’ll make a resolution to live more presently everyday, slow down, take a deep breath, notice the sights, sounds and feelings that surround you.  

This will open your world to a feeling of joy that is unexplainable.  Learning to do this is not so simple, especially with all the distractions and stress in our world.  The good news is that a disciplined practice of even 10 minutes a day can make a big impact.  I hope for all of us more peace and more presence in 2020.  I hope to see you in class soon.  Namaste. 


This Month in Class: 

Mudra and Meditation

This month we will end our classes with meditation and learn a mudra to facilitate that meditation.  Mudras are found in all cultures and religions and have specific meanings from their places of origin.

In yoga, mudras are hand gestures or locks which direct the subtle energies of the body to specific internal energy centers.  They have gentle effects on the body and more profound effects on the mind and consciousness. 

In class, we will focus on mudras for meditation.  Practicing these mudras for 3 minutes prior to meditation will bring the body into restful alertness, the mind into one-pointedness, and allow for a deeper meditation period.


 This Month in Class: 

Mindfulness in Our Practice
This month in class we will explore mindfulness in our practice.  Yoga provides a wonderful space to pause and notice.  To realize when we are in the doing mode and when we are in the being mode.  It brings us into the moment and helps us see how our actions affect the way we feel. Yoga helps us become aware of the ways in which stress affects us physically, and gives us the tools to relax the body and calm the mind.  Enabling us to move through life more gracefully. 

Monthly Free Class

Saturday, February 29th, 9:30 AM

This Month in Class: 

“Peace of Mind”

Exploration of the myths and truths of meditation practice.  

In our class, each Saturday this month, along with our yoga postures and meditation practice, we will explore some of the myths surrounding meditation practice: Does the mind become peaceful?  Or perhaps it is already at peace?  Just what is this power that we call ‘mind’?
Handouts will be given.  All are welcome. 
The student came to the Bodhiharma, crying, “My mind has no peace!  I beg you, master, please pacify my mind!”
“Bring your mind here and I will pacify it for you,” replied Bodhidharma.
“I have searched for my mind, and I cannot take hold of it,” said the student.  “Now your mind is pacified,” said Bodhidharma.  Zen Story