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Featured Teacher

Roy has been a Yoga and Meditation teacher since 1972 under the guidance of Gurani Anjali the founder of Yoga Anand Ashram. He studied and practiced Yoga Dharma for many years and has taught Hatha Yoga as well as Meditation classes at the Ashram.  ” I feel a deep love and respect for the Yoga Path which guides one towards the profound depths of inner peace and freedom.”
Roy is also a Special Education Teacher working with special needs children.  He plays guitar and sings and has used music in his work with children.  Roy leads afternoon meditation retreats often incorporating sacred poetry, philosophy and inspiration from the great sages of the past and present.  He is also an artist and has taught painting classes and mandala creation workshops.

Monthly Free Class

Saturday, March 23rd, 10 am

Yoga & Meditation with Roy

As part of our Saturday morning yoga class, I often will read from the great inspirational texts of yoga and meditation.  In this ongoing class, we study the fundamental steps of yoga practice. Here we learn stretching, yoga postures (asana), breath control (pranayama), daily “off the mat” practices (yama & niyama), and simple meditation techniques (dharana & dhyana). This class is open to beginning students as well as more seasoned practitioners.