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Impromptu Yoga with Tara

Join me this month, each week for an impromptu class!  Beginning this weekend, look for an email each weekend announcing the date and time for the upcoming weeks’ class.  As with life and its constant fluctuations, this class will change each week and will allow for you to let a little spontaneity into your week!  These classes will be included in our regular class pricing.  Don’t forget to check your emails!  


Special Meditation

Guru Jayanti

Sunday, October 20th, 10:30 AM

Everyone is invited to join us in celebration of the birthday of Gurani Anjali, Founder of Yoga Anand Ashram.  We will devote the class to her songs, poems, and meditations, which are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for everyone on a spiritual path.  All are welcome.  This is a free event.

Featured Teacher – John

About John
John is a long time student, yoga practitioner and teacher of the ashram, having first attended classes back in 1971.  Through the years he has embraced the 8-Limbed Yoga Path in its entirety and enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with those who would like to explore the depths of their own yoga practice.  John is known for his beautiful, strong singing voice and has always been one of the “voices” of the ashram.  He has been instrumental in singing, practicing, and recording the many songs that Gurani Anjali “Guruma” (founder of YAA) wrote over the years.  If you have ever been to the ashram for one our festivals or for our Sunday morning meditation you have had the experience of singing and chanting with him from the depths of your heart.



Pranayama (breath control),

Chanting & Philosophy with John

Last Friday, Each Month

Oct. 25th, at 7:30 PM


Join John on the last Friday of every month for a period of pranayama (breath control), followed by a period of chanting.  This combination brings about a sense of calmness and clarity in the present moment.  In each class, John will lead a discussion using sacred texts from yoga and other spiritual traditions to help us cultivate understanding, answer questions, and clear up any misconceptions.